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Suicide Assessment, Treatment, & Management
Suicide Assessment, Treatment, & Management

Section 17
Reducing Suicide Risk by Limiting Access
to Lethal Means

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Vermont Department of Mental Health

Key Points found in Scroll Box below:
1. Introduction: Addressing Access to Lethal Means
2. Reducing Access to Lethal Means: Firearms
a. Current Status Suicide, and Firearms; Existing Vermont Laws & Regulations 2014 State Legislative Activity
b. Addressing Access by Suicidal Individuals Existing Vermont Research Base; Existing Vermont Infrastructure; Firearm Community & Safety Norms; Legislative Advocacy; Existing Program Interventions
c. Summation
3. Reducing Access to Lethal Means: Other A. Overview; B. Other Means: Poisoning, Falls, Suffocation, Drowning, Cutting/Piercing; C. Summation
4. Recommendations
Create a Gun Shop Project workgroup.
Facilitate workgroup for highest efficacy.
Honor and build upon existing cultural cohesion.
Locate community partners in firearm-owning community.
Use open and positive language.
Utilize New Hampshire “road map.
Publically utilize other states’ successes
Utilize pre-existing successful materials.
Move beyond “gun shops.”
-Other Means:
1. Additional research focused on other means.
2. Implement CALM training.

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- Nelson, E. MD, Delaney, T. Ph.D., Barber, C. MPA, Frank, E. MHS, Fenner-Lukaitis E. MSW. Reducing Suicide Risk by Limiting Access to Lethal Means. Vermont Department of Mental Health. October 2014.

What are four lethal means of suicide?? Record the letter of the correct answer the Test

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The article above contains foundational information. Articles below contain optional updates.
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