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Suicide Assessment, Treatment, & Management
Suicide Assessment, Treatment, & Management

Section 18
Best Practice Menu of Strategies for Providing Continuity of Care

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The Utah Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health (DSAMH)

Key Points found in Scroll Box below:
1. Best Practice Menu of Strategies for Providing Continuity of Care:
-Stepped Care
-Warm Hand-offs
-Appointment Scheduling
-Provider Communication
-Care Navigators/Community Health Workers/Case Management
-Peer Specialist Support
-Engagement of Support Network
-Caring Contacts
2. Creating an Office Protocol for Transitions in Care:
-Review the continuity of care options
-Establish agreements with outpatient treatment providers to facilitate rapid referrals
-Considerations for follow up outreach
-Outline who is responsible for each Continuity of Care task in your organizational policy and train staff
-Develop/define method for documenting and monitoring each Continuity of Care task.
-Use quantitative and qualitative measures to determine the success of Continuity of Care efforts.

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- (2018). Safe Care Transitions for Suicide Prevention. Utah Zero Suicide Learning Collaborative 2018, 1–16. Retrieved September 5, 2019 from https://dsamh.utah.gov/pdf/ZS Docs/Safe Care Transitions DSAMH 2018.pdf

Chain of Care for Patients who have Attempted Suicide

Key Points found in Scroll Box below:
1. Main patient groups eligible for referrals to the suicide prevention team are as follows:
•Patients in need of outpatient health and social services that are not established by the hospital team
•Patients in ongoing outpatient treatment who are in need of extra support
•Patients and family or other who are in relational conflicts and in need of extra support
•Patients who have previously dropped out of mental health treatment and need to be motivated to reappoint

- Johannessen, H., Dieserud, G., De Leo, D., Claussen, B., Zahl, P. Chain of Care for Patients who have Attempted Suicide. BMC Public Health. 2011. 11:81.

What are four main patient groups that are eligible for referrals to the suicide prevention team? Record the letter of the correct answer the Test

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