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Health Anxiety: Treatment & CBT Techniques
8 Strategies for Working with Grieving Children

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1. According to the World Health Organization, you should not refer to people with the disease as “COVID-19 cases”, “victims,” “COVID-19 families,” or “the diseased.” They should be referred to using what terms?
2. According to the National Center for PTSD: Self-care for COVID-19 healthcare workers can be complex and challenging, given that people in these roles may prioritize the needs of others over their own needs. What type of self-talk and attitudinal obstacles to self-care should be avoided?
3. For mental health providers experiencing vicarious trauma and anxiety regarding COVID-19, what are some ways to manage your anxiety?
4. What is the ‘ABC’ model of anxiety?
5. Television and the Internet, as well as other media, are rich sources of information and misinformation for patients with health anxiety and hypochondriasis. Internally, a person’s anxiety can be triggered by what?
6. What is the primary task facing the therapist treating a patient with health anxiety?
7. According to The Menninger Clinic Health, another important aspect of the patient’s treatment was the use of acceptance and mindfulness. He was able to realize that his worries, ruminations, and obsessions functioned to give him what?

A. “It would be selfish to take time to rest.” “Others are working around the clock, so should I.” “The needs of survivors are more important than the needs of helpers.” “I can contribute the most by working all the time.” “Only I can do….”
B. “people who have COVID-19”, “people who are being treated for COVID-19”, or “people who are recovering from COVID-19”
C. Alarms (A) are emotional sensations or physiological reactions to a trigger situation, sensation, or thought.; The ensuing decision to act is made on the basis of beliefs (B); this, in turn, leads to coping strategies (C)
D. Work with your colleagues to prepare back-up plans for crisis management, Set up peer supports, and connect with others in a similar situation. Set up communication to discuss the toll of vicarious trauma and anxiety that is taking on you.
E. To make treatments acceptable to the patient and help the patient consider that his or her health worries, ruminations, obsessional thinking, and illness behaviors may be as much a source of the patient’s difficulties as the physical discomfort or undiagnosed medical illness.
F. His or her interpretation of bodily sensations.
G. The perception of safety and to protect him from feelings of vulnerability. Furthermore, he realized that his health fears kept him from things that mattered to him.

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