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Autism Spectrum Disorder: Promoting Communication & Socialization Skills
3 CEUs Autism: Teaching Parents how to Prompt Communication & Socialization

Psychologist Post-Test
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1. What is autism?
2. What are six steps for encouraging a child to talk?
3. What are five parts to echolalia?
4. Why did Dr. Koegel and the autistic child’s family believe the autistic child needed to be mainstreamed into a regular classroom?
5. What are three parts to replacement behaviors?
6. What are two parts to floor-time as a family approach?
A. teaching "I don’t understand," rewording the question, adding questions, giving choices and repetition for its own sake
B. They felt he needed to learn how to interact sociallyand verbally with his peers.
C. finding something worth trying for, modeling the words, getting them to talk on their own, keeping things social and interactive, turning requests into conversation and encouraging initiations.
D.  a disorder of the brain that causes impaired social interaction, problems with verbal and nonverbal communication, and unusual or severely limited activities and interests." 
E. Time for siblings and time for parents
F. Practicing, self-management, not letting little things slide, and priming.
7. What behaviors are common in nonverbal children with autism who demonstrate difficulty with ACC systems? 
8. In what socialization approach are peers utilized to role play sharing, helping, giving affection and praise for preschool children with autism? 
9. What is the rationale behind using social story interventions? 
10. What is the goal of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) interventions?
A. apraxia and difficulty with fine motor skills
B. peer-mediated approach
C.  Social Stories increase awareness and understanding of the what, when, who, and why of social situations may prove to be more beneficial because the child is using the story as the medium for learning, as well as a tool for understanding and internalizing appropriate behaviors necessary for successful social interactions.
D.  The goal of AAC is to facilitate an individual's ability either to (a) communicate more effectively with others (i.e., expressive communication strategies) or (b) understand communication from others

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