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"I made him HIT me!" Strategies for Battered Women
Battered Women continuing education psychologist CEUs

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Outline of Topics - Transcript of Compact Discs
Section 1 & Question 1
--Track #1 - Being Groomed- Belittling, Mimicking, Insulting & Ignoring
Section 2 & Question 2
--Track #2 - Dog Collars of Control - Time, Space, Body Language,
and Reality

Section 3 & Question 3
--Track #3 - Four Techniques for "If Only" Destruction
Section 4 & Question 4
--Track #4 - How to Unravel Guilty Feelings via a 3 Step Process
Section 5 & Question 5
--Track #5 - "But he's their father!" Safe Alternatives for Children
Section 6 & Question 6
--Track #6 - Learned Helplessness - How to Make the Stimulus Response Outcome Connection

Section 7 & Question 7
--Track #7 - Treating ' Power House' Helplessness & Failure Expectancy with a "Symptom Discovery" Method
Section 8 & Question 8

--Track #8 - How to Treat the 6 Building Blocks of Self-Hate
Section 9 & Question 9

--Track #9 - 7 Methods of Personal Terrorisms and the "What's Missing?" Exercise
Section 10 & Question 10

--Track #10 - Using a '5 Question Test' with Lucy's Perfectionism
Section 11 & Question 11

--Track #11 - A Christ-like Manner and Perfect Sex -
Helping Clients Become Aware of Contradictory Illusions

Section 12 & Question 12

--Track #12 - How to Work through a 5 Point Illusions Inventory
Section 13 & Question 13

--Track #13 - Pains & Pluses Journaling - Constantly Comparing
Section 14 & Question 14
--Track #14 - Use of Self-Disclosure and Confrontation to Kill Her Dragon
Course Manual of Articles

& Personal Reflection Exercises

Section 15 & Question 15
--When Children are Deprived of their Basic Needs
Domestic Violence Battered Women counselor CEU

Section 16 & Question 16
--The Neurology of Explosive Rage
explosive rage Battered Women social work continuing ed

Section 17 & Question 17
--Violence in Same-Sex Relationships & Sources of Intervention
Section 18 & Question 18
--Techniques for Treating Couples
Section 19 & Question 19
--Safety Planning With Battered Women
Section 20 & Question 20
--Support Versus Therapy
counseling Battered Women psychology continuing education

Section 21 & Question 21
--Do Batterer Programs Really Work?
Section 22 & Question 22
--House of Abuse & Using Inclusive Language
verbal abuse Battered Women mft CEU course

Section 23 & Question 23
--To Arrest or Not to Arrest?
arrest Battered Women counselor CEU course

Section 24 & Question 24
--Countertransference: The Therapist's Struggle
Section 25 & Question 25
--Media Misreporting of Domestic Violence
Section 26 & Question 26
--Anger Control & Family Systems Therapy
 Family therapy Battered Women social work continuing education

Section 27 & Question 27
--Professional Women and Domestic Violence
women domestic violence Battered Women psychology continuing ed

Section 28
--Selected Readings Bibliography/Authors/InstructorsCourse Learning Objectives

CEU Answer Booklet for this course | Domestic Violence

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