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TeleMental Health Clinical Relationship Challenges
8 Strategies for Working with Grieving Children

Section 9
Clinical Study: Comparing TMH with Face-to-Face Treatment
of Depressive and Anxiety Disorders

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Social Workers, Couneslors, MFT's, and Psychologists

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The article above contains foundational information. Articles below contain optional updates.

Anxeity Interventions...
See course entitled Interventions for Anxiety Disorders with Children & Adults
--A Six Point Checklist for Asking the Right Questions
--Four Specific Interventions for Anxious Thoughts
--De-Catastrophizing & Creating a Coping Plan
Dysthymia Interventions...
See course entitled Treating Dysthymia in Children and Adults
--Thought Stopping with the ABC's of Cognitive Dissonance
--Problem Formulations Technique
--Treating a Cognitive Distortion Habit by Confronting Uninvited Thoughts

What do studies suggest when TMH CBT is compared to face-to-face CBT in treating depression and anxiety? Record the letter of the correct answer to the CE Test.


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