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Social Worker CEUs, Psychologist CEUs, Counselor CEUs, MFT CEUs
Borderline & Schema Therapy continuing education psychology CEUs

Course Learning Objectives/Outcomes
Counselor CEUs, Social Worker CEUs, Psychologist CEs, MFT CEUs

By the end of the course, the Counselor, Marriage and Family Therapist, Social Worker or Psychologist will be able to:
-Explain the disorder that might be linked with Borderline Personality Disorder.
-Explain the various steps to treating a Borderline Personality through Schema Therapy.
-Explain one of the three maladaptive schemas prevalent in BPD clients.
-Explain two of the three pattern schemas that characterize Borderline Personality.
-Explain two of the four maladaptive schemas that affect a BPD client’s relationship to the wider   world.
-Explain the two characteristics of schema clusters.
-Explain one of the three ways schemas affect the emotional link to borderline personalities.
-Explain the benefit of writing in the schema journal.
-Explain two of the four kinds of stress that anger serves to dissipate.
-Explain what is wrong with using anger to calm the inner critic.
-Explain the main culprit in creating unrealistic patient-therapist relationships.
-Explain two of the three components in the tridimensional personality theory for a client with OCD.

"The instructional level of this course is introductory, intermediate, or advanced depending on the learners clinical area of expertise."

CEU Continuing Education for
Counselor CEUs, Social Worker CEUs, Psychologist CEUs, MFT CEUs

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