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Patterns, Trends, & Overview of American Indian and Alaskan Native Children Exposed to Domestic Violence
6 CEUs Cognitive Techniques for your... Narcissistic Client's Need for Power & Control

Course Learning Objectives/Outcomes
Psychologist CEs, Counselor CEUs, Social Worker CEUs, MFT CEUs | Native American CEU Courses

By the end of the course, the Counselor, Marriage and Family Therapist, Social Worker or Psychologist will be able to:
-Explain the percent of AI/AN women will be raped in their lifetimes; and AI/AN women are 2.5 times more likely to be raped or sexually assaulted than women in the United States in general. 
-Name 4 commonalities in trauma interventions that promote healing and well-being across cultures and traditions.
-Name six forms of community violence that are especially problematic for AI/AN children and teens.
-Explain what plays an important role in responding to the effects of exposure to violence through the development of resiliency.
-Name five challenges that Alaska Native tribal communities have when it comes to domestic violence.

"The instructional level of this course is introductory, intermediate, or advanced depending on the learners clinical area of expertise."


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Psychology CEUs, Counselor CEUs, Social Worker CEUs, MFT CEUs

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