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Permissions Information - Permission to Reprint

Thank you for your interest in utilizing OnlineCEUCredit Resource copyrighted materials. Unless otherwise indicated, all content presented on this website and in print materials is copyrighted by the Healthcare Training Institute. To obtain permission to 1) Reprint this content in whole or in part, to 2) Reprint sections of an OnlineCEUCredit Resource text (e.g., tables, figures, exam questions, or paragraphs), or to 3) Distribute the content in its entirety for non-profit use, you must submit an electronic mail request to . The subject of the electronic mail request needs to specify one of the three types of permission listed above which you are requesting. If you are requesting permissions for multiple courses, please list each course in your email. If you are requesting multiple types of permissions, please submit a separate electronic request for each.

General Information

Please allow 5 to 10 business days from receipt of all required information for a response. Additional time may be required for requests to translate materials. If you require permission in less than 10 business days, please include the specific date by which you wish to use the materials in your electronic mail request.

Please note: Final approval is not granted until the Signed Use Agreement is received. The conditions of use will be provided as part of the Signed Use Agreement.

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