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Ohio Social Work CEUs

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The Ohio Social Work Board requires 30 CE hours

Ohio Social Work Continuing Education CEU Requirements
Required CE Hours:     30 CE hrs
Accepted Online CE hours: 30 CE hrs
Required Ethics: 3 hrs in Ethics
Required Supervision: 3 hrs in Supervision for LISW-S.
Accepted Provider: ASWB providership #1073
CE hours are reported to CE Broker #50-28976.
CEU Deadline: Individual
1 hour   2 hours   3 hours   4 hours   5 hours   6 hours   7 hours   8 hours   9 hours   10 hours   12 hours   14 hours   15 hours   18 hours   20 hours  
   --"This was an extremely informative and educational review on borderline personality disorder. I particularly found the discussion on deconstructing the patient\'s internal representation vs more traditional concept of providing an emotionally corrective experience to be thought provoking. Thank you. I will recommend your study courses to others."   Borderline Personality Disorder: 12 Practical Behavioral Intervention Strategies (TDP)
   --"I benefitted from this course. I see schema therapy being practical in use with many other types of clients."   Diagnosing & Treating of Borderline: Impulse Control with Schema Therapy (BPICAbb)
   --"Helpful course in addressing treatment for anxiety briefly."   Interventions for Anxiety Disorders with Children & Adults (AX1hr)
   --"Enjoyed the content on workaholic males immensely. Topic that is not well covered in traditional CEU courses. Found alot of applicable material."   Males: Interventions for Balancing a Work Addicted Workaholic Life Style (WK)
   --"The menopause information was very helpful and relevant to my life at this time. I think there were many tools that will be easy to utilize when working with my clients as well."   Aging: Menopause- Interventions for The Change (ME)
   --"Had many ethics courses. This is the first time I learned some skills and was not just a repeat"   Setting Clear and Ethical Boundaries with Clients (CB)
   --"This course on supervision relationships was full of information and allowed me to really think about how I will address issues with supervisees. It also provided real clarification for why it is important to ensure that as a supervisor, I provide complete and constant feedback."   Supervision: Effective Clinical Relationships with Your Supervisees (SEC)
   --"Lots of great information, I hope you also offer continuing education to teachers and school professionals to educate them on how to work with these children without labeling, stimatizing,etc. This seems to be an ongoing problem in the education system, and these children fall through the cracks when they are truly brilliant! Focus on Piqua City Schools in Miami County Ohio to send CEU brochures to :) Thank you!"   ADD: Treating Distracted & Impulsive ADD Children (TD)
   --"I can really use this with my oncology patients. Thanks!
   Helping Parents Help Children Cope with Cancer in the Family (CCC)
   --"This was an excellent cultural diversity course which I intend to share with colleagues. It went beyond professional and academic training currently being offered, making points that are essential for responsible counseling practice."   Cross Cultural Practices, Cultural Diversity & Ethical Boundaries: Coping with the Challenges (CC)
   --"This information was easy to read and very informative. I appreciate that the questions were not tricky to answer and allowed for a relaxing time. I am able to incorporate this information in my day to day interventions with families with loved ones in hospice care. Thank you."   Coping with Cancer: Interventions for the Family (CCP)
   --"I am so pleased with this clinical supervision course. I enjoyed re-listening and re-reading the material: presentation was precise! Perfect for meeting my needs as a supervisor."   Supervision: Enhancing Supervisees Clinical Skills (ES)
   --"Glad to find supervision course in your catalog. There are often difficult to find locally, but are required for the supervisor\'s designation on Ohio Social Work licenses."   Supervision: Effective Clinical Relationships with Your Supervisees -Abb (SECAbb)
   --"I found this very helpful. I chose this topic due to having my own children and wanting advice."   Bullying: Techniques for Dealing with Taunting, Teasing, & Tormenting (TTT)
   --"Excellent course! Useful techniques for couple therapy"   Couples Therapy: Teaching Communication Strategies that Work! (CSW)
   --"Very relevant for helping children (& some adults) deal with a common societal problem"   Bullying: Techniques for Dealing with Taunting, Teasing, & Tormenting (TTTAbb)
   --"Very useful course as I just had loss in family as well. Most of clients report loss as reason for obtaining counseling services"   Interventions for Clients Coping with Cancer (CAN)
   --"A very good course to get one thinking about how anger affects clients and the client/social worker relationship"   Anger Management: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CTIAbb2)
   --"I learned several better communication techniques to use with my Alzhimer\'s and dementia clients."   Communication Techniques with Dementia & Alzheimers (DA)
   --"Comprehending the cultural concepts with the terminology was a challenge."   Cross Cultural Practices, Cultural Diversity & Ethical Boundaries: Freedom from Stereotypes (Abbreviated) (DBSAbb3)
   --"The course had a great deal of good information on treating anxiety which could be applied to a variety of clients in a very practical way.Thank you for the great tools."   Interventions for Anxiety Disorders with Children & Adults (AX)
   --"Helpful guidelines to effective supervision"   Supervision: Effective Clinical Relationships with Your Supervisees-Abb 4 (SECAbb4)
   --"Supervison training is difficult to find. Thank you for having this topic here."   Supervision: Effective Clinical Relationships with Your Supervisees-Abb. (SECAbb3)
   --"I found the course to be very informative. I gained more from this course than from other cultural diversity classes.I highly recommend it"   Cross Cultural Practices, Cultural Diversity & Ethical Boundaries: Coping with the Challenges (CC)
   --"good.Helpful to me as my own daughter recently passed away."   Grief: Treating LifeTrauma Issues & Death (DL)
   --"I learned about the affects of violence on children."   Diagnosis & Treatment of Children of Domestic Viol.-Abb 1 (CDVAbb1)
   --"Very good info, and will be helpful for my job as a hospital Social Worker"   Interventions for Clients Coping with Cancer (CAN)
   --"very helpful in that it gave specific techniques, explained the rationale, and provided promt words to help recall the techniques in session."   Interventions for Anxiety Disorders with Children & Adults (AX1hr)
   --"Actually was quite good. Constructed well, with using examples and illustrations (suggested interventions)"   Interventions for Anxiety Disorders with Children & Adults (AX1hr)
   --"I enjoyed the examples of real client situations."   Interventions for Anxiety Disorders with Children & Adults (AX1hr)
   --"This coarse help me work more effectively with my boss who tends to have lot of these charaterics"   Cognitive Techniques for Narcissistic Clients Need for Power & Control (NAR)
   --"I really liked this training and thought it was very good. I will be checking out more of your trainings on this topic. Thank you!"   Interventions for Clients Coping with Cancer (CAN)
   --"Found this course helpful and used info to help my clients."   Cognitive Techniques for Narcissistic Clients Need for Power & Control (NAR)
   --"Very much appreciated the audio content in first section as it helped me to absorb and retain information."   Setting Clear and Ethical Boundaries with Clients (CB)
   --"I really appreciated being able to take a 3 hour CEU for supervision. I am not currently supervising anyone. Most workshops were for 6 hours and I prefer to use my workshop time for topics that I am using in my current work."   Supervision: Enhancing Supervisees Clinical Skills (Abbreviated) (ESAbb)
   --"Very informative. I needed the information included as I sub-teach."   School Shootings: Ethical & Confidentiality Boundary Issues (SSE)
   --"Best clear straightforward course on ethics I have had thus far."   Setting Clear and Ethical Boundaries with Clients (CB)
   --"Lots of good effective techniques to apply to help client and family"   ADD: Treating Distracted & Impulsive ADD Children (TD)
   --"Great Course. Learned a lot."   Diagnosis & Treatment of Male Shame & Depression (BBCAbb)
   --"It was very informative with practical advice."   Teen Internet Bullying: Effective Coping and Prevention Techniques (IBAbb1)
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