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Florida Social Work CEUs

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The Florida Social Work Board requires 30 CE hours


Florida Social Work Continuing Education CEU Requirements
Required CE Hours:     25 CE hrs
Accepted Online CE hours: 25 CE hrs
Required Ethics & Boundaries: 3 hrs Ethics & Boundaries
Required Laws & Rules: 3 hrs Laws and Rules, every 3rd biennium
Required Domestic Violence: 2 hrs Domestic Violence, every 3rd biennium
Required Medical Errors: 2 hrs of Medical Errors prevention
Required Supervision: 4 hrs Supervision for Supervisors, every 3rd biennium
Accepted Provider: ASWB #1073 & APA #1537 providerships, CE Broker #50-24842
CEU Deadline: March 31, 2023
1 hour   2 hours   3 hours   4 hours   5 hours   6 hours   7 hours   8 hours   9 hours   10 hours   12 hours   14 hours   15 hours   20 hours  
   --"Great course and good timing; my sister has brain cancer and this is very useful for all of us. Thank you!"   Coping with Cancer: Interventions for the Family (CCP)
   --"Excellent! Many good tips for myself, husband and my management staff at work. Thank you!"   Males: Interventions for Balancing a Work Addicted Workaholic Life Style (WK)
   --"I appreciated the examples from cases that dealt with the issue of client-therapist relationship Boundaries. Thank You."   Ethical Boundaries in Balancing the Power Dynamic in the Therapeutic Relationship (BP)
   --"Thanks for a great summary of Gestalt orientation and some of the more obvious techniques used to help create awareness of the Now."   Enhancing Your Therapy with Gestalt Approaches (GE)
   --"Appreciative for in-depth on-line courses such as this one."   OCD: Seven Effective CBT Behavioral Strategies (OCD)
   --"Very useful and practical. It enabled me to think about the work with some of my clients and in particular a client I am assuming the therapeutic work for very soon. [her therapist is leaving]"   Borderline Personality Disorder: 12 Practical Behavioral Intervention Strategies (TDP)
   --"Great information and helpful when working with my student population at the EBD center school that I work at."   Schizophrenia: Practical Strategies for Relapses & Reducing Symptoms (SCR)
   --"Excellent content and information. AT home method is easy for us older social workers."   I made him hit me! Strategies for Battered Women (BW)
   --"I found this course very helpful in my oncology practice."   Interventions for Clients Coping with Cancer (CAN)
   --"Enjoyed learning about pain in more detail, I appreciate having this option to obtain ceu\"s"   Cognitive Therapy for Chronic Pain (Abbreviated) PAINAbb3 (PAINAbb3)
   --"informative and useful for practice"   Ethically Treating PTSD Resulting from Terrorism & Other Traumas (PT)
   --"Well put together course. I enjoyed it."   Ethics... Exploring Privacy and Confidentiality: Gray Areas (PC)
   --"Excellent and very informative course. Thank you"   Pathological Gambling: Diagnosis and Treatment (GS)
   --"Comprehensive and informing"   ADD: Treating Distracted & Impulsive ADD Children (TD)
   --"This course was very informative and had excellent content information."   Autism: Promoting Communication & Socialization Skills (PCS)
   --"Very user-friendly. I liked it very much."   Interventions for Anxiety Disorders with Children & Adults (AX1hr)
   --"Very helpful and practical for what I do."   Interventions for Anxiety Disorders with Children & Adults (AX1hr)
   --"A great format to use online! Thanks!"   Interventions for Anxiety Disorders with Children & Adults (AX1hr)
   --"Thank you. It took me a \"minute\" to figure out how everything worked but I like the idea of accessing the material and then making payment. Thank you again."   Ethical and Cultural Issues Arising from the Psychology of Terrorism (EC)
   --"This course was informative and helpful."   Addictions: Helping Clients Grow Beyond 12-Step Dependency (GB)
   --"Enjoyed this - informative and some new knowledge."   Ethical and Cultural Issues Arising from the Psychology of Terrorism (EC)
   --"Even though I\'ve been a play therapist for many years, there are always more techniques to learn and be reminded of the things I\'ve already learned."   Play Therapy Techniques: Resolution of Core Feelings Through Play (RCF)
   --"Excellent. Got 100% due to courses clear, specific, and easy to understand format."   Prevention of Medical Errors for Social Workers, Counselors, & MFTs 1 (MEDSCM)
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