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Frequently Asked Questions

#1. How Courses Work & ADA
How do I request accommodations for a disability?
If you have special needs due to a disability or other circumstance, please contact our ordering taking service to inform us of your special needs, to enable us to make accommodations accordingly.

Contact Information
If you have questions or concerns about the course content, references, content evaluation, registration, facilities, course administration, or any specific issues, contact

How many hours is the course worth?
BI 10; PC 6; CB 10; BP 10; AX 10; PT 4; EC 3; etc View 350+ courses Listed by CE Hours for more details.

How do I take a course over the internet?
1. Click Home & Courses
2. Select course you wish to take.
3. Read the content.
4. Complete Answer Booklet.
5. Enter identifying information and payment authorization code or registration number.
6. Get a certificate with your name and identifying information, which you can download to your computer and print or have sent to you via U.S. mail. If selecting U.S. mail, allow 48 hours for processing and 3-5 days for first-class mail delivery.

Who owns Healthcare Training Institute (HTI)?
The Healthcare Training Institute is a corporation. For more information, click the Instructors link.

How does your program cost compared to other programs?
Attending a six hour seminar can cost as much as $150. Our six hour course is $28.

What is your Corporate Tax ID number?
The Healthcare Training Institute Corporate Tax ID number is 35-1445685.

Is there a time limit to complete the course?
You have twelve months from the date of purchase to complete the course.

Are courses I ordered long ago still valid for CE credit?
Yes; there is no continuing education credit expiration for the courses.

How will I know if I’ve passed?
The questions in the Answer Booklet are simple easy-to-answer questions. They are not intended to trick you. Don’t be alarmed if they seem ‘too easy’. If you really want to be sure of your score, you can get anonymous, unlimited free trials.
1. Click Home & Courses
2. Select the course you have taken
3. Fill in your answers, and click the "Score your answers" link


#2. Answer Booklet
When taking the course on-line, do I need to answer all of the questions at once?
No, you do not need to answer all of the questions at once. If you choose to complete the course in more than one session:
1. Print a hard copy of your Answer Booklet (or write them down).
2. Re-enter these answers when you return to the site.
3. Then when you have completed all answers, click the "Check your Score" button.
4. Enter in your authorization code or registration number to get a certificate.
Your answers will not be saved. See the reason for not saving your answers in the next question.

Will my answers be saved from one work sessions to the next?
1. No, your answers will not be saved from one work session until the next. That is why we recommend that you write down your answers or print a hard copy of your Answer Booklet between your work sessions.
2. The reason we did not build this "save answer" feature into the program is because this feature requires a "cookie" type of programming code to reside in your computer. Many computers will not accept "cookie" type programs. Thus, many users would not be able to access the Answer Booklet if we built in this "save answer" ("cookie") feature.

Can I FAX you my Answer Booklet?
No, because of our State Continuing Education Licensure Agreements, we cannot receive Answer Booklets via FAX.

I forgot to fill in my license number or I put in the wrong license number on my Answer Booklet.
That’s not a problem; your correct license number can be written on your certificate by you. However, your registration number verifies that you have paid for the course and completed the course with a score of 80% or higher.

Do I need to mail in my Answer Booklet if I get the certificate online?
1. No, do not mail the Answer Booklet, if you received your certificate online.
2. Your online record of successful completion is electronically transferred to our Order Data Base.


#3 Certificate
Do I need my license number?
1. No. You do not need your license number for your certificate. Providing this is optional.
2. Your registration number on your certificate verifies payment and a passing score of 80% or higher.

I must have a certificate today!
1 . Click Home & Courses
2 . Select a course
3 . Read the content and answer the questions.
4 . Score your answers. You get unlimited anonymous free scoring of answers.
5 . Enter identifying information and receive a certificate with your name, address, etc., that can be printed or downloaded.

If you are running close to your deadline, you can get a certificate today if you...
1. Click Home & Courses to choose the course.
2. Complete the Answer Booklet.
3. Score your answers. You get anonymous unlimited free scoring of answers.
4. Enter identifying information and authorization code or registration number to get a printable certificate downloaded.

Can I read my answers to you over the phone to your Order Taking Service and fax me the certificate?
1. No, because of our agreement with State Continuing Education Licensure Boards, we cannot accept your answers over the phone. We need a hard copy or electronically transferred copy of your Answer Booklet.
2. If you have problems with internet access you might use a public computer lab at a print shop or local library.
3. We cannot accept a faxed Answer Booklet.

Is the certificate I just printed on my computer valid?
1. To be considered valid your certificate must have your name, the date issued, the course name and how many CE’s were earned by completing the course
2. The registration number on your certificate verifies your payment and a passing score of 80% or higher.


#4. Course Content
To comply with Nursing Credit Requirements, the following is a statement regarding lack of conflict of interest by planners and presenters of our home study courses .

In order to ensure balance, independence, objectivity and scientific rigor in all courses, the planners and faculty have given full disclosure indicating whether the planner, faculty or content specialist and/or his/her spouse family has any relationships with pharmaceutical companies, biomedical device manufacturers and/or corporations whose products or services are related to pertinent therapeutic areas. All planners, faculty, content specialists and feedback specialists participating in CE activities must disclose to the learner information listed below.

Is there a potential conflict of interest? ___ Yes _X_ No
If yes, list company(ies) with relationship:

Relationship Name of Commercial Company(ies)
Research Support
Speakers’ Bureau
Large Gift(s) Other Support

B. Discussion of unlabeled uses: ___ Yes _X_ No
If yes, you must disclose this information during your presentation. How will you do this?
___ 1. Verbal statement during the presentation
___ 2. Information provided on handouts
___ 3. Information provided in audiovisuals (slides, overhead, powerpoint, etc.)
___ 4. Other: Describe:

C. How will any conflict of interest be resolved?
___1. Have discussed this conflict with individual who is now aware of and agrees to our policy.
___2. Presenter has signed a statement that says s/he will present information fairly and without bias.
___3. RN with minimum of BSN or designee will monitor session to ensure conflict does not arise.
_X_4. Not applicable since no conflict of interest.
___5. Other: Describe:

I had problems printing out the Course Content.
1. Our documents are in HTML, which is the most standard and acceptable format for printing.
2. Highlight the text only without the sidebar. Push Control-P to print.
3. Click "Selection" to print only highlighted text. Click "OK"


#5. Course Cost
The average cost of a 6 hour seminar is $150. Our 6 hour home study course is $28.


#6. Credit Card Charges
How will the charge appear on my credit card statement?
The charge will appear on your credit card statement as from the "Healthcare Training Institute."

"The website won't take the last three digits of my credit card."
1. Only enter in the digits that appear on the front of your card
2. You don't need to enter the 'authorization' three digits that only appear on the back of your card.
3. Do not put any spaces or dashes between the numbers of your credit card.


#7. Continuing Education (CE) Approvals
After reading your CE Approvals page my question is still not answered.
We do not propose to be the definitive sources of CE Approval information. The telephone number of your board may be found on the CE Approvals page. Please call your Board for answers to specific questions that cannot be found in CE Approvals or CE Regulations.

Is the course approved for Ethics hours in my state?
1. Click CE Approvals, locate your state and profession on this screen, if your state does not accept our ethics credits, it will be indicated here. However, as you are aware, State Boards change their requirements without notice, and a change may have occurred since we last updated the information for your state and profession. Therefore, we have provided your Board's phone number to verify their acceptance of not only ethics hours, but other hours as well.
2. All Ethics courses are listed on the Courses & Cost page. They are also listed under "Ethics," where a separate "Ethics" link provides a unified list of all of our ethics courses which are also located under various topics on the Courses & Cost page.

When is my CE Deadline?
1. Each state sets a different continuing education deadline date for different professions.
2. Many deadlines are listed by clicking CE Approvals - State Package?
3. If you have any other questions regarding the requirements in your state, call your Board. The phone number is listed at CE Approvals.


I would like more information about the Healthcare Training Institute.
1. The Healthcare Training Institute was founded in 1979. The main purpose of the Institute is to provide continuing education credits for professional relicensure purposes. HTI is approved by the American Psychological Association, the Association of Social Work Boards, the National Board of Certified Counselors, and the National Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors.
2. More information can be found by clicking on Instructors.


#8. Internet Problems
I can't figure out how to do the course online.
1. Read Home & Courses FREE OR... Order CD's & Manual to play and read at your convenience.
2. Complete Answer Booklet. You get FREE Scoring with anonymous unlimited trials.
3. Mail or, submit online, completed Answer Booklet. Pay by mail, phone, or online.
4. Certificate for Licensure Renewal is received instantly online or mailed to you!

How can I get my score online?
1. Click Home & Courses and select a course.
2. Click Answer Booklet and answer the questions.
3. Click "Check your Score" button.
4. You get unlimited anonymous free trials to get a score of 80% or higher
5. Enter identifying information and payment authorization code or registration number.
6. Get printable certificate to download or select to have the certificate mailed to you.
If you click the link to have the certificate sent to you via first-class mail, allow 3-4 days mailing time from Indiana.

Do I have to do my internet format course all in one session?
1. No - you can print the course content and Answer Booklet to complete at your leisure.
2. However, the website will not save your answers from session to session.
3. To save the answers from session to session, programs known as "cookies" need to reside on your computer. Some computers will not accept "cookies", therefore these customers could not view the Course Content pages. For this reason, we do not use "cookies" which would facilitate the saving of your answers.


#9. Payment
I bought the course a long time ago. Can I still get a certificate?
Yes, there is no expiration date on course materials.

Will I receive a receipt?
If you provide a valid email address, you will receive a receipt via email.

I do not have a credit card number.
1. We operate on a cash basis only.
2. No credit is extended, which would result in issuing a billing statement.

What is your Corporate Tax ID number?
Our Corporate Tax ID number is 35-1445685.


#10. Procedure
How do I take a course over the internet?
1. Sign Up for a free account.
2. Select a Course from 350+ CE Courses. Either pay for it now or after you finish your test.
3. Read the Content, Complete Answer Booklet.
4. If already paid, sign in to your account to get your certificate
5. Get a certificate with your name on it, which you can save to your computer, and print.