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Nursing CEUs

The Healthcare Training Institute is in the process of applying to the American Nurses Association to be an ANCC accredited provider. Once this process is complete, courses will be available for nursing CEUs.

ANCC Required: Disclosures Provided to Activity Participants

a. Notice of Requirements for Successful Completion

Learning goals (purpose):
The goal (purpose) of these learning activities is to improve the competence of nurses in ways that are relevant to their practice through the acquisition of new skills and knowledge.

Objectives of the educational activity:
See course Table of Contents page for Learning Objectives for each educational activity.

Criteria to be used to determine successful completion of an educational activity:
Post-test with a score of 80% or higher shows proficiency in subject matter and return of completed evaluation tool.

b. Conflicts of Interest

The Healthcare Training Institute is a Single-Focused Organization, which exists for the single purpose of providing continuing education. Therefore, the Healthcare Training Institute is automatically exempt from ANCC’s definition of a commercial interest.

c. Disclosure of Relevant Financial Relationships and Mechanism to Identify and Resolve Conflicts of Interest

Disclosure of Relevant Financial Relationships:
The Healthcare Training Institute is funded through fees for services provided and does not have financial relationships with any other entity.

Mechanism to Identify and Resolve Conflicts of Interest:
At present, neither the Healthcare Training Institute nor its Instructors/Program Planning Committee members support any commercial interests. There is no conflict of interest regarding content of instruction nor is there any other relationship that could reasonably be construed as a conflict of interest. Before members of the Program Planning Committee are selected, they are screened for conflicts of interest.

However, if applicable to future circumstances, notification of conflicts of interest would be provided in the introduction to the course allowing the participant to make his or her decision regarding taking the course prior to purchase. Of course, any participant who wishes to receive a refund for any reason may do so. Thus, if a participant perceives a conflict of interest, and requests a refund for a course, a full refund will be given promptly.

d. Sponsorship or Commercial Support

The Healthcare Training Institute receives no commercial support or sponsorship in relation to educational activities.

e. Non-Endorsement of Products

Accredited status does not imply endorsement by the provider or ANCC of any commercial products displayed in conjunction with an activity.

f. Off-Label Use

None of the Healthcare Training Institute's educational activities relate to any product used for a purpose other than that for which it was approved by the Food and Drug Administration

g. Expiration Date for Awarding Contact Hours

Contact hours for all educational activities will be awarded through June 2015, at which time resources and content will be evaluated and then a new expiration date will be established.