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Treating Distracted & Impulsive ADD Children
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Learning Disabilities

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The Publication below is from Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

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- Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. Learning Disabilities. Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, p 59-72.
The article above contains foundational information. Articles below contain optional updates.


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Table of Contents

Autism and ADHD share genes - November 26, 2019
Researchers have found that autism and ADHD share changes in the same genes. The new knowledge relates directly to the biological causes of the two child psychiatric disorders.
Cycles of reward: New insight into ADHD treatment - October 30, 2019
Researchers have investigated the actions of the drug in rats. Using dopamine cell recordings, electrochemical monitoring and computer modeling, they discovered a type of feedback loop that modulates dopamine levels in the rats' brains in response to the drug. This regulatory process may shed light on methylphenidate's therapeutic properties in ADHD.
Young moms more likely to have kids with ADHD - October 24, 2019
Young mothers have a greater chance of having a child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), according to new research. Exploring the genetic relationship between female reproductive traits and key psychiatric disorders, it found that the genetic risk of ADHD in children was strongly associated with early maternal age at first birth, particular for women younger than 20.
Interactive avatar boosts performance of children with ADHD - September 26, 2019
A new study has shown that an interactive avatar, which gives both instructions and feedback on the attention of the learner, can improve the performance of ADHD children on a complex problem-solving task.
Children of anxious mothers twice as likely to have hyperactivity in adolescence - September 09, 2019
A large study has shown that children of mothers who are anxious during pregnancy and in the first few years of the child's life have twice the risk of having hyperactivity symptoms at age 16.

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