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Ethics... Exoploring Privacy and Confidentiality: Gray Areas
Privacy and Confidentiality in the Therapeutic RelationshipEthics: Exploring Privacy & Confidentiality - Gray Areas!

Section 17
Ethics and The Myth of Patient Confidentiality

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Online Continuing Education QUESTIONS 17
Give an example where the use or disclosure of medical information is explicitly permitted for certain health-related marketing under the Privacy Rule? To select and enter your answer go to Ethics CEU Test.

Personal Reflection Exercise #5
The preceding section gave examples regarding how “the word ‘confidential’ has virtually no meaning.” Compare the ideas in this section with the preceding Section #4 which “idealized” confidentiality in a Consumer Alert. With the more realistic view of confidentiality presented in this section, how could the Consumer Alert in Section #4 be revised? Or should it be revised? What do you think?

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Counselor CEUs, Psychologist CEUs, Social Worker CEUs, MFT CEUs, Nurse CEUs
Ethics: Exploring Privacy & Confidentiality - Gray Areas!

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