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Prevention of Social Workers, Counselors, MFT's Medical Errors
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Section 9
Forensic Mental Health Reporting

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The Publication below is from Department of Mental Health

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- DMH’s Forensic Services. MGL Chapter 123, section 15 (b) Evaluation and Sample Reports. Department of Mental Health, June 5, 2010, p1-44 and Appendix p1-13.
The article above contains foundational information. Articles below contain optional updates.

Forensic evaluations are ordered by the court for what purposes? Record the letter of the correct answer the CEU Answer Booklet

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Table of Contents

The article above contains foundational information. Articles below contain optional updates.
Counselor Education and Supervision: 2017 Inaugural Review
This article includes a review of 100 peer‐reviewed journal articles regarding counselor education and supervision published in 2017. Areas reviewed include supervision, understanding stakeholders, teaching and training, and professional issues. Publications featured a blend of research methodologies, attention to complexity in supervision and teaching, and incorporation of student experiences.
Supervisee Attachment, Cognitive Distortions, and Difficulty With Corrective Feedback
Among a sample of counseling students, results from hierarchical regression and mediation analyses indicated that attachment anxiety led to an increase in use of cognitive distortions, contributing to increased difficulty with corrective feedback during clinical supervision. Findings implicate a need for awareness of attachment patterns among trainees and the possible utility of cognitively focused supervisory interventions.
Multicultural Training Resistances: Critical Incidents for Students of Color
Thirty‐two master’s students of color reported critical incidents of multicultural learning resistances. Qualitative findings suggest that students attributed resistances to limited program diversity and attention to cultural dynamics. Quantitative analyses indicate a racial difference in how students’ perceptions of peers influenced resistances. Recommendations include increasing educator cultural dialogue facilitation skills.
A 15‐Year Content Analysis of Three Qualitative Research Traditions
The authors conducted a qualitative content analysis on the consistency, rigor, and methodological identity of 83 phenomenological (n = 44), grounded theory (n = 25), and consensual qualitative research (n = 14) articles published between 2002 and 2016. The results indicate a distinct pattern of qualitative research practices in professional counseling.

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