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"You Made Me Hit You!" Interventions with Male Batterers
Male Batterers continuing education counselor CEUs

Section 21
Appendix B: Abusers Most Controlling and Abusive Tactics
Reproducible Client Worksheet

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Physical abuse: twising arms, tripping, biting, pushing, shoving, hitting, slapping, choking, pulling hair, punching, kicking grabbing, using a weapon against her, beating her, throwing her down.

Isolation: Controlling what she does, who she sees and talks to, where she goes.
Emotional Abuse: Putting her down or making her feel bad about herself, calling her names. Making her think she's crazy. Mind games.
Economic Abuse: Trying to keep her from getting or keeping a job. Making her ask for money, giving her an allowance, taking money from her.
Intimidation: Putting her in fear by; using looks, actions, gestures, loud voice, smashing things, destroying her property.
Power and Control
Sexual Abuse: Making her do sexual things against her will. Physically attacking the sexual parts of her body. Treating her like a sex object.
Using Male Priviledge: Treating her like a servant. making all the "big" decisions. Acting like the "master of the castle."
Threats: Making and/or carrying out threats to do something to hurt her emotionally. Threaten to take the children, commit suicide, report her to welfare.
Using Children: Making her feel guilty about the children, using the children to give the message, using visitation as a way to harass her.

Caesar, P. Lynn, Treating Men Who Batter, Springer Publishing Company, NY, NY, 1989.

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