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DVD - Interventions for Cutters Substituting Self Control for Self Mutilation
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Section 29
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The Bill of Rights for Those who Self-Harm

The right to caring, humane medical treatment.

The right to participate fully in decisions about emergency psychiatric treatment (so long as no one’s life is in immediate danger)

The right to body privacy.

The right to have the feelings behind the self injury validated.

The right to disclose to whom they choose only what they choose.

The right to choose what coping mechanisms they will use.

The right to have care providers who do not allow their feelings about self injury to distort the therapy.

The right to have the role self injury played as a coping mechanism validated.

The right not to be automatically considered a dangerous person simply because of self-inflicted injury.

The right to have self injury regarded as an attempt to communicate, not manipulate.
- Martinson, Deb; The Bill of Rights for Those who Self-Harm

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