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HIV: Therapeutic Strategies for Guilt, Uncertainty, and Taking Control
6 CEUs Cultural Diversity & Ethical Boundaries: Freedom from Stereotypes

Section 18
State HIV Prevention Progress Report 2014

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- Dietz, Patricia M. ,DrPH, Amy L. Krueger, MPH, Richard J. Wolitski, PhD, Anna Satcher Johnson, MPH, Erica Dunbar, MPH, Lillian S. Lin, PhD, Samuel Dooley, MD, Donna Hubbard McCree, PhD, Shubha Rao, MPH, H. Irene Hall, PhD Dale Stratford, PhD, State HIV Prevention Progress Report 2014, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 2014, p1-108.

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Table of Contents

The article above contains foundational information. Articles below contain optional updates.
Uncertainties over PrEP created by NHS England's IMPACT trial "unethical"
NHS England has used a series of claims about uncertainties surrounding PrEP to ration access to the prevention tool in England through the IMPACT trial, academics argue in the journal Medical Humanities this month. NHS England announced in December 2016 that it would not pay for PrEP but instead make it available through a clinical trial, IMPACT. Dr Maurice Nagington of the University of Manchester and Dr Tony Sandset of the University of Oslo say that NHS England’s adoption of a clinical trial was unethical.
HIV vaccine trial failure is a “wake up call” for southern Africa, say researchers
“We have an answer – the regimen simply didn’t work. It feels really grim, though, today.”
Multiple factors explain why middle-aged heterosexuals with new sexual partners don't use condoms
New strategies and approaches are needed to address the sexual health needs of middle-aged heterosexuals starting new relationships, research published in Sexually Transmitted Infections suggests. The UK study involved men and women aged between 40 and 59 years with, or considering, new sexual partners after the break-up of a long-term relationship.
PrEP may be breaking the link between condomless sex and anxiety, survey results suggest
A US online survey has found that although gay and bisexual men who used PrEP had significantly more condomless sex with non-primary partners than men who didn’t use PrEP they were less likely to be anxious. A relationship seen in previous studies between higher rates of condomless sex and more anxiety did not seem to operate for PrEP users.
Very few people with HIV stop smoking after brief advice from clinicians
Two recent reports highlight the low rates of smoking cessation achieved using recommended brief interventions during routine appointments at HIV clinics.

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