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HIV: Therapeutic Strategies for Guilt, Uncertainty, and Taking Control
6 CEUs Cultural Diversity & Ethical Boundaries: Freedom from Stereotypes

Section 18
State HIV Prevention Progress Report 2014

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The Flip Book below is from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 

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- Dietz, Patricia M. ,DrPH, Amy L. Krueger, MPH, Richard J. Wolitski, PhD, Anna Satcher Johnson, MPH, Erica Dunbar, MPH, Lillian S. Lin, PhD, Samuel Dooley, MD, Donna Hubbard McCree, PhD, Shubha Rao, MPH, H. Irene Hall, PhD Dale Stratford, PhD, State HIV Prevention Progress Report 2014, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 2014, p1-108.

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Table of Contents

The article above contains foundational information. Articles below contain optional updates.
What are the outcomes for adults who were born with HIV? - April 25, 2018
Among people who were born with HIV and have now transitioned to adult care at St Mary’s hospital in London, 80% have an undetectable viral load, rising to 87% in those aged 25 and older, according to data presented at the joint British HIV Association (BHIVA) and British Association of Sexual Health and HIV
Far more harms associated with crystal meth than other chemsex drugs - April 24, 2018
Gay men who use crystal methamphetamine during sex are five times as likely to report a negative impact on their mental health, 15 times as likely to be hospitalised and twice as likely to have a sexually transmitted infection as users of other drugs in sexual settings, according to data
HIV diagnoses in Brighton started to fall before London and for different reasons - April 23, 2018
New HIV diagnoses in Brighton & Hove have fallen by half since 2013, according to a poster presented at the joint British HIV Association (BHIVA) and British Association of Sexual Health and HIV (BASHH) conference in Edinburgh last week. Between January 2015 and September 2017, new diagnoses at the 56 Dean
1600 people taking PrEP in Scotland and Wales, almost all are gay men - April 21, 2018
“Welcome to a country where we do have a full NHS-delivered programme for PrEP, with no upper limit,” began Dr Rak Nandwani of NHS Glasgow and Clyde as he outlined Scotland’s experience to the joint conference of the British HIV Association (BHIVA) and British Association of Sexual Health and HIV (BASHH) in Edinburgh yesterday.In
Loneliness and isolation top list of unmet social needs among people living with HIV in the UK - April 20, 2018
A survey of a large, representative sample of people attending HIV clinics in England has identified satisfaction with HIV-related services, but considerable unmet need for social and welfare services, in particular support to alleviate loneliness and isolation. Meaghan Kall of Public Health England presented the data at the joint British HIV Association (BHIVA)

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