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Parent-Child Interaction and Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD
Autism continuing education counselor CEUs

Section 20
Appendix: Client Reproducible Worksheets

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Track 2 Sleep Issues
Technique:  Sleep Diary
This is a log of the child’s sleep patterns.  It includes the date, what time the child was put to bed at night, what time he or she fell asleep, whether the child woke up during the night and for how long, and every single nap during the day.  What did the child do right after he or she was put to bed and what did the child do when he or she got up in the middle of the night?  Make sleep diary sheets and send them to school with the child.  Give one to all of his or her teachers and the bus driver. 

Track 3 Toilet Training
Technique: 7 Steps to Toilet Training in a Week
-1 Pick a date when you’ll have help available, ideally.
-2 Give the child plenty of liquids.
-3 Take the child to the toilet every 20-30 minutes.
-4 Reward successes.
-5 Reward dry pants.
-6 If an accident happens, practice going from the spot to the toilet.
-7 Be vigilant, and try not to miss cues.

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