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5 CEUs Supervision: Enhancing Supervisees Clinical Skills

Course Learning Objectives/Outcomes

By the end of the course, the Counselor, Marriage and Family Therapist, Social Worker or Psychologist will be able to:
-Explain the three main reasons to train supervisees in the process of supervision.
-Explain five benefits to contracting in the supervisor supervisee relationship.
-Explain the four parts of the 'reflective stance.'
-Explain three common perspectives in multicultural counseling.
-Explain the seven points in the Working and Evaluating Skills supervisee self-assessment.
-Explain ten steps a supervisee can use in coping with a client's risk of suicide.
-Explain three ways supervisees may react to feelings or fears of sexual attraction towards a client.
-Explain three stages of counselor development.
-Explain upon what belief anxious-avoidant pattern of attachment in clinical supervision is based.
-Explain why 'scientific thinking' is important in clinical supervision.
-Explain the six skill levels in Bloom's Taxonomy hierarchy for critical thinkers.
-Explain four phases representing developmental process in reflective learning-based supervision.

"The instructional level of this course is introductory, intermediate, or advanced depending on the learners clinical area of expertise."


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