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Asperger - Practical Interventions for Build Basic Social Skills
Asperger: Practical Interventions to Build Basic Social Skills - 6 CEUs

Section 20
Appendix: Client Reproducible Worksheets

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Track 5  How to Build Basic Social Skills

Using Pictures:  A tool you might use to communicate emotional differences to children with Asperger Syndrome is using pictures.  Show a picture of a sad person and explain what that emotion means.  Talk about actions associated with that emotion, such as crying.

 Teaching How to Behave Differently with Different People:  Try another visual.  Draw a picture of concentric circles:  family in the middle, then relatives, friends, acquaintances, and strangers.  You can discuss what greetings are appropriate for people in different levels of intimacy, what kinds of behavior are suitable for relaxed at-home time with the family, and what kinds of behavior are necessary when one is out in public. 

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