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Eating Disorders: Techniques for Treating Binging & Purging
Bulimia continuing education psychologist CEUs

Section 32
Appendix: Client Reproducible Worksheets

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| Eating Disorders
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Beauty is the Beholder
Replay track 9 for more information on this technique.
Client follows instructions in order to restore confidence.

  1. Set aside twenty minutes and make sure you will not be disturbed.
  2. Take the phone off the hook and stand nude or seminude in front of a full-length mirror.
  3. Breathe deeply, stand erect with your shoulders back, and now with conviction declare, "I am beautiful."  Allow whatever resistances you have to come up and then repeat.
  4. Look at each part of your body and tell yourself with enthusiasm, "I am beautiful."  Notice how different it feels to be affirming your looks rather than finding fault.  If negative comments and judgments come to mind, just notice them and go back to affirming, "I am beautiful."
  5. Give repeated doses of "I am beautiful" to the parts of your body of which you have been the most critical.
  6. To complete the exercise, give yourself a kiss on the back of the hand as you look in the mirror and say, "I am beautiful."  Don’t be embarrassed.  It’s no crime to feel good about yourself; to the contrary, it’s harmful not to.  Remember that feeling beautiful allows you to stop obsessing over your looks and to start putting your energy into more important activities.

Going With the Binge
Replay track 12 for more information on this technique.
Client follows instructions in order to prevent guilt during a regressive binge.

  1. No more abusive remarks.  If you find yourself criticizing, remind yourself that negative thoughts make you feel bad, and feeling bad makes you want to binge.
  2. Replace your self-criticism with a reminder that your binge is a symptom of anxiety.  Something is making you uncomfortable and you need soothing.  You need compassion, not rebuke.
  3. Tell yourself that you don’t have to know why you’re upset before you can be sympathetic to yourself.

Be as tender and nurturing to yourself during your binge as you possibly can.  Give yourself the foods you really want.

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