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"Sad is How I Am!" Treating Dysthymia in Children and Adults
Dysthymia continuing education counselor CEUs

Track #1 - Introduction

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Welcome to the Home Study Course sponsored by the Healthcare Training Institute. This course deals with the treatment of Dysthymia (Dis-TIME-me-a). Our primary intent for this home study course is to provide quality education to foster your professional growth. The Institute has provided quality education since 1979 to thousands in the US and Canada as well.

Hi. My name is Brian Clark. I will be the narrator of this two CD set. We appreciate that you have chosen our course as a vehicle for you to earn your Continuing Education Credit.

The purpose of the course is to assist you in increasing your knowledge regarding how to treat patients, clients, etc., dealing with depression. As each case study is given, if the concepts seem to be applicable to your situation, I encourage you to turn your CD player off and make a few notes regarding the application of the principle to your setting. However, these notes are for your purposes only and are not to be sent to the Healthcare Training Institute.

Regarding completion of the Test, at the end of each CD track questions are asked. These questions correspond with the questions in your Test. Merely write the correct letter on the blank line that precedes each question. Keep in mind there is nothing tricky or hard about these questions, they are merely intended to verify the playing of this CD set.

These questions are sequential and deal with the section of content that preceded it. For this reason, to facilitate answering of each question, you might read the question from the Test prior to listening to that CD Track. By knowing what the question is ahead of time you will then know the content to listen for that contains the answer. So just a hint, after you answer a question, read on to the next question in order to give yourself a "heads up" to listen for the content that contains the answer.

For the purpose of brevity most generally I will use the term "therapists" or "mental health professional." However, don't let these terms deter you from applying the concepts to your situations. When you hear the word "therapists," if your job title is social worker, psychologist, marriage and family therapist, mental health counselor, professional counselor, resident director, program assistant, etc., merely substitute the appropriate term that is the most meaningful to you. In short don't let my use of the term "therapists" cognitively set you off-track from hearing the content because your job title is school counselor, for example. I will also use the term "client" for the purposes of brevity. However, if you deal with patients, residents, students, consumers, etc., transpose "client" to the term that is the most meaningful to you in your work setting.

So, let's get started...This CD set has compiled a comprehensive review of numerous intervention techniques for dysthymia in children and adults. The content may best serve your needs by thinking of it as a checklist to review. There may be an intervention which you are currently overlooking that needs a second consideration for treating your client. Thus, you are encouraged after each intervention to reassess your use of the technique. This CD set includes treatment interventions related to: Making Decisions, Concentration and Memory, Unproductive Thought Patterns, Behavioral Switches, and Problem Solving.

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CEU Test for this course | Depression
Section 1 - Audio Track 1
Table of Contents

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