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Conduct Disorders: Assesssment & Diagnosis
Conduct Disorders continuing education psychology CEUs

Course Learning Objectives/Outcomes
Counselor CEUs, Social Worker CEUs, Psychologist CEs, MFT CEUs

By the end of the course, the Counselor, Marriage and Family Therapist, Social Worker or Psychologist will be able to:
-Explain what differentiates the "Severe" from the "Mild to Moderate" Specifiers for Conduct Disorder.
-Explain one the three warning signs that put a child at risk for very young offending.
-Explain the differences between juvenile and adult sexual abusers.
-Explain a reason Conduct Disordered youths frequently abuse substances.
-Explain an action that short circuits the Conduct Disordered youth.
-Explain what other factor traumatizes an adolescent more than sexual abuse.
-Explain how you know when the Conduct Disordered youth is making progress.
-Explain a potential use of the Hassle Log.
-Explain the six basic testing tactics.
-Explain how to safely manage an assaultive incident.
-Explain the "coercive spiral".
-Explain the function of an "anger thermometer.

"The instructional level of this course is introductory, intermediate, or advanced depending on the learners clinical area of expertise."

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Counselor CEUs, Social Worker CEUs, Psychology CEUs, MFT CEUs

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