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Diagnosis & Treatment of Male Shame & Depression
Male Depression continuing education social worker CEUs

Psychologist Post-Test
Psychologist CEs, Counselor CEUs, Social Worker CEUs, MFT CEUs

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1. What are the shaming rules? 
2. What men can use to get over shame generated in the present?
3. What sources of shame?
4. What are methods that facilitate healing internalized shame?
5. What are ways shame is manifested? 
6. What are guidelines of forgiveness? 

A.  "redefining relationships" and the "reparenting"
B.  1) educating himself, 2) finding his anger, 3) finding his sorrow, 4) designing his own process of forgiveness, 5) moving on
C.  the "Shame Release Technique" 
D.  emotionally, cognitively, and physically
E.  1) intentional shame, 2) shame through silent response, 3) inherited shame, 4) shaming through events, 5) bodily shame, 6) internalized shame, 7) shame of the false self
F.  1) control, 2) blame, 3) perfectionism, 4) incompleteness, 5) denial, 6) no talk, 7) disqualification, 8) unreliability, 9) not allowing the five freedoms, 10) moral intimidation 

7. The problem with negative predictions goes beyond the prediction itself and often lies in what?
8. what are three essentials to focus on with suicidal telephone contacts?
9. What are questions you might pose to help get a client out of a constricted suicidal state?
10. what is the most intensive level of intervention in a suicidal crisis?
11. What are common ways of harnessing your suicidal clients coping devices?
12. What are possible causes of male aggression whether overt or covert?

A.  1) the crucial issues 2) find alternatives 3) set a course of action
B.  1) Where do you hurt? 2) What is going on? 3) What is it that you feel you have to solve or get out of? 4) Do you have a formed plan? 5) What would it take to keep you alive? 6) Have you ever before been in a similar situation?
C. seclusion
D.  in the notion that should your fear be realized, it would be catastrophic
E.  1) assign structured tasks, 2) continue activities, 3) direct the client to planned and organized action, 4) explore alternative solutions with the client, 5) teach problem-solving techniques to the client
F.  1) rehearsal effect 2) modeling effect 3) releasing factor 4) rechanneling factor 5) reaction result

If you have problems with scoring or placing an order please contact us at [email protected].

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