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Selected course content has been made into Best Practice PowerPoint Videos.
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Substance Abuse: Treating the Addicted Teen Client (TC) - 10 CE
See Section 9 - Guidelines for Parents to Stop Enabling and Disengage

Anxiety: Behavioral and Cognitive Strategies for Treating Anxiety (BCS) - 10 CE
See Section 9 - Wish I’d Done It List

Borderline Personality Disorder: Treating Frustration & Anger (TF) - 10 CE
See Section 14 - Passive Response Chioces

Course Title - Bullying Techniques for Dealing with Taunting, Teasing, and Bullying (TTT ) - 10 CE
See Section 7 - Techniques for Dealing with Verbal Bullying
See Section 13 - Seven Steps in Parents Assessing their Child

‘But I Have Such A Great Catch’ - Treating Controlling Abusive Relationships (CR) - 10 CE
See Section 9 - Successfully Using 2R's, RET, & B-A-D Questions

Substance Abuse Addiction: Treating Family Manipulation, Mistrust, and Misdirection (MM) - 10 CE
See Section 12 - 10 Pre-Intervention Steps Part 1 of 2
See Section 13 - 10 Pre-Intervention Steps Part 2 of 2

Asperger: Interventions to Build Basic Social Skills (EP) - 6 CE
See Section 5 - Practical Interventions to Build Social Skills

Crisis Intervention: Assessment & Practical Strategies (CRI) - 10 CE
See Section 3 - Three Factors of the Middle Phase of the Crisis Interview

Effectively Treating Pathological Self-Criticism in Depressed and Dysthmic Clients (PSC) - 10 CE
See Section 6 - The Hanging Judge

Anger Management: Effective Strategies for Your ‘Out of Control’ Client (TOC)- 10 CE
See Section 5 - Four Fallacies of Should

Bipolar: Treating the Ups and Downs of Bipolar Children (BC) - 10 CE
See Section 3 - Risk Management - 10 Subtle Suicide Signs, Triggers, & the Mixed State

Anger Management: Anger Management: Treating Road Rage (RR) - 6 CE
See Section 7 - Anger Management... Treating Road Rage using a Jekyll-and-Hyde Visualization

Anger Management: Anger Management: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CTI) - 10 CE
See Section 11 - 3 Key Alternatives to Anger & the CBT 'Fishbowl' Technique

Borderline: Borderline Personality Disorder: 12 Practical Behavioral Intervention Strategies (TDP) - 10 CE
See Section 13 - Five Key Suggestions for Dealing with a Difficult BPD Client

Adoption: Adoption: Telling the Child about Rape, Incest and Other Birth Circumstances (IAP) - 10 CE
See Section 7 - Four Methods for Increasing Comfort Regarding Adoption

Body Dysmorphia: Body Dysmorphic Disorder: Diagnosis & Treatment (BDD) - 10 CE
See- Section 11 - Intervention - Teaching the 'Thirteen Commandments' to Family Members

Cancer: Coping with Cancer: Interventions for the Family (CCP) - 10 CE
See Section 4 - It is Ok to Say Cancer- 5 Guidelines
See Section 5 - Essential Guidelines for Initiating a Conversation about Cancer

Gambling: Pathological Gambling: Interventions for the Family (GF) - 6 CE
See Section 1 - 3 Factors of Pathological Gambling

Grief: Teen Suicide: Helping Survivors Make Sense of Sudden Loss (HSL) - 6 CE
See Section 5 - Effectively Using the Programmed Cry

Bullying: Teen Internet Bullying: Effective Coping and Prevention Techniques (IB) - 10 CE
See Section 11 - Four Strategies for using 'Peer Practice' to Increase Confidence

Couples: Separation Counseling: Brief Interventions for Divorcing Couples (SCB) - 10 CE
See Section 7 - Tools for Uncertainty Training

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