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Interventions for Clients Coping with Cancer
6 CEUs Cultural Diversity & Ethical Boundaries: Freedom from Stereotypes

Section 27
A Model for Counseling Cancer Patients

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The Publication below is from the Canadian Journal of Counseling.

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- Jevne, Ronna R., Nekolaichuk, Cheryl L., Williamson, F. Helen A. A Model for Counselling Cancer Patients. Canadian Journal of Counselling. Vol. 32:3. 1998. Pg. 213-229.
The article above contains foundational information. Articles below contain optional updates.

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CEU Answer Booklet for this course | Cancer
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The article above contains foundational information. Articles below contain optional updates.
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U.S. Cancer Death Rate Continues to Fall - September 14, 2017
But more cases are expected as baby boomers age, report says
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